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LOCATION #07 – $999.00 Pre-Lit White CYC – Pre-lit Green CYC – Pre-lit Black Void

For bookings, and a free studio tour please Call Vic Anthony 24/7 Cell / Text 818.641.0220


Studio CYC Dimension 50 x 50 x (16 Hight to light grid,) CYC is Pre-Lit with (1) 6K Space light and (2) 5K Baby Fresnel, Distro Box with Launch Boxes

15,000 sf. building with 10,000 sf. 100 x 100, 5 production offices

Green Room, Make up Room

Power 400 amps each leg 3 phase 1,200 Amps total on cam-lock distribution plus House Power

Talent Holding Area

Full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave

Internet wifi

Gated 40 car parking plus separate parking area for 5 honey wagons/ Grip Trucks and Catering Trucks

Large area for launch and Crafty Services

2 Large restrooms

2 Large roll up doors to drive cars and trucks in the Stage

Stage Manager

4 Yard Dumpster in the parking lot

Stage is Available for Hourly Rate/Daily Rate/ Weekly Rate and Monthly Discount Rates!

Stage is located in Chatsworh, CA.


* Prices include Pre-lit Stage with (1) 6K Space light (2) 5K Baby Fresnel, Distro box, Launch Boxes, Power, 40 Car/Truck/Catering Truck Parking, Internet wifi, Stage Manager, Including All amenities, 4 Yard Bin

Shoot day $999.00 – 12 hours

Prep/Build/Strike days $499.00 – 12 hours

Over Time – $100 Hour. Each additional hour after 12 hours. All in rates. 

4 Hours — $400
6 Hours — $600
8 Hours — $750
10 Hours — $900
12 Hours — $999


2 Days — $1,700
3 Days — $2,500
4 Days — $3,500
7 Days — $5,500 (Weekly Rentals)

Fenced in entrance and all around the studio with surveillance cameras for extra security.

Multi car capacity in studio

Smooth concrete floor (for when there is no time for track)

White CYC is Freshly painted before each shoot (if you don’t need white CYC painted please let us know)

Prefer using your own lighting? That’s fine, come on in and bring it!

Need lighting for your shoot or extra lighting? Don’t worry we got you covered

3 yard dumpster bin first load no charge. Each additional load is $150

Large Production Impact – Over 30 people ($250 a day)

In house rentals!

Flats with jacks for set building are available 14 Various zises ($200 a day)

Professional play back system 2k watts $150/day

For bookings, and a free studio tour please Call Vic Anthony 24/7 Cell / Text 818.641.0220