Standing Kitchen Set

7am to 7pm

$2,300 per Shot day – 12 hr. day

Pre light/Build/Strike days $1,150.00 – 12hr.

OT $200.00 each additional hour after 12 hr.  

Price includes:


Site manager

Production Office

Makeup room

Wardrobe room

A/C in the office

11000 sf Parking lot with gate

200 Amp house power

Los Angeles Modern Kitchen for TV and Film Production

This modern kitchen is fully functional. Approximately 500 square feet dressed with two full frame windows, and another two full frame windows on the top. It has a set of kitchen drawer with a sink with function of water, a range hood, and a set of gas stoves. A microwave is included. There are lights hanged on the ceiling that will help. Everything is functional and brand new!

Our standing sets are built in June 2018 includes courtroom, police station, jails, hospital, vault, classroom, living room, bedroom, casino poker room, kitchen, office and lots more.

Most of our sets are pre-set dressed already. We want to save your time and art budget for your project.

There is no hiding fees, what you see on the website is what you are going to pay.

This kitchen set not quite what you’re looking for? Take a look at our other kitchen set.


Production Office – Production office is located by makeup room and wardrobe. 3 folding tables and chairs for production. You can place talent and background in two places, in the production office or in wardrobe room. We have two bathrooms by the production area.

Makeup Room :

Makeup Room/Wardrobe:

4 Make-up Stations

2 Tables

6 Chairs

3 Racks

2 Full Body Mirrors


Multiple Standing Sets rental discounts available

Hourly rates are available on all sets, 6 hours minimum please call for rates!

If you want to rent the whole building all of the Standing Sets please call us!

Contact Vic Anthony 24/7 Cell or Text 818.641.0220